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CommsNet Solutions offer comprehensive Hosted and legacy Telephony solutions based on what your business actually needs to thrive and evolve. We develop long term working partnerships with our clients to ensure a mutually successful ongoing relationship.

We always go the extra mile with Customer Service and satisfaction being our main motivation and aim.

Please contact us to arrange an initial introductory non obligatory meeting to allow us to identify areas where we can assist and recommend the best solution to meet the ongoing needs of your business.

Our Services

Traditional Telephone Systems

Traditional Telephone Systems

Traditional telephone systems typically use legacy incoming lines such as ISDN, PSTN and in later examples IP Trunks.

The telephone system connects to these lines with individual telephone extension’s connected to the system using twisted pair copper telephone cabling or through structured cabling (CAT5/CAT6).

If your system is more than 5 years old then chances are you are using a traditional system and therefore missing out on the flexibility of latest technology SIP based Cloud Hosted Systems.

We appreciate the need to maximise value from any existing investment made in such systems and our aim is to work with clients to explore and identify the easiest path to modernisation. Typically we would conduct a cost analysis on existing service and call costs to highlight areas of inefficiency and identify the feasibility of migrating to modern Telephony Solutions.

Ultimately all decisions are in your Companies hands. We want to work with you to build a long term relationship as a trusted preferred supplier.

If the analysis identifies a compelling need to migrate/upgrade we will work with you to plan the project with minimal impact on day to day operation.

If your preference is to stay with the existing traditional system then we can offer competitive quotes for system maintenance and network service charges and in the majority of cases we will prove attractive service charge savings against your existing contracts so why not let us prove this to you?

Hosted & VOIP Systems

Hosted / VoIP Telephone systems

Hosted telephony eliminates the need for onsite PBX Telephone System hardware as this is hosted at a remote location (Hosted PBX).

The Hosted Server connects to your premises via High Speed managed Broadband or leased lines and these connections now offer greater reliability than legacy ISDN and PSTN Voice lines.

How It Works

Hosted PBX/VOIP systems Utilise the same IP networks as your Companies existing data network or LAN.

The Hosted PBX or VoIP server connects via a onsite managed Router with a dedicated network path for outgoing/incoming calls. This Router communicates seamlessly with our hosted service to provide a comprehensive feature range to include Call Recording, Call Reports, Voicemail, Auto Attendant and Call Queueing.

The Hosted service is primarily licence based and allows remote system upgrades and management without costly engineer site attendance.

Hosted systems provide greater flexibility especially for multisite operations with Cloud based servers allowing all sites to connect irrespective of location providing a multisite single system network.
Hosted Telephony also offers increased resilience and disaster recovery. If your office site is not functional for any period then calls will be rerouted to an alternative office location or predetermined destination so you should never miss a call.

Hosted Telephony provides the ideal alternative and upgrade path to Traditional Systems with the following benefits:

Low setup expenditure

Hosted Systems are supplied on a relatively low fixed monthly service charge which is determined by the features required. You only pay for what you use and if a feature is no longer required then our flexible agreements allow features to be ceased at short notice.

Reduced network & call costs

Hosted SIP trunk lines are up to 75% cheaper than ISDN so instant savings are available. Additionally, SIP Call Bundles can serve to substantially reduce current call charge expenditure.

Maintenance and support cost savings

Hosted systems eliminate the need for engineer attendance for programming changes, moves and shifts as these are all facilitated remotely. Also as the servers are hosted offsite there is no need to incur expensive ongoing hardware support charges therefore offering substantial ongoing cost savings.

Highly resilient with inbuilt disaster recovery

Our duel hosted service keeps you connected at all time irrespective of your office being fully operational.

Mobile Services

Mobile Services

Save time and money on your business mobile phones with CommsNet Solutions Ltd

Discover the right network, airtime plan and smartphone solution to make your mobile working faster, smarter and more cost effective.

We will guide you through the latest offers from O2, Vodafone, Plan.com and EE, make all the options clear and take the headache out of finding the best solution to suit your business needs.

Sole traders (1 to 5 business handsets)

Small Business plans to suit sole traders, self-employed and small teams who want to have low overheads or fix there mobile costs.

Small Businesses (5 to 50 handsets)

Whether its individual handset plans and shared minutes, texts and data bundles we can provide a tailored package to cover your business requirements.

Large Businesses (50+ handsets)

We can bespoke a sharer plan across you business handset estate offering minutes, texts and data through the estates at a fixed monthly costs.

All of our mobile packages come with European, worldwide voice and data bundle options and we provide the best financial package based on your requirements using any of the major UK networks.

Flexible Numbers

Flexible Numbers

We can provide any telephone number (UK landline, International Numbers and 08 numbers) as a flexible number meaning you control how you wish these numbers to work. Once you order a flexible number from CommsNet, you have access to your own portal where you login to control routing etc… Our web portal gives customers:

  • Single online (www) portal access for 24/7, 365 days access from any connection
  • Immediate call control by web interface for instant routing/changes
  • Online ‘live’ reporting for quick and easy statistics view
  • Our portal supports all devices along with a mobile app for on the move management
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